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I would like design my future city


How would you design the city of the future?

I would like design my future city

How would you design the city of the future?
Designing a Sustainable and Green Future City: A Blueprint for a Better Tomorrow

Imagine a city where nature and modern life live together in harmony. I’m excited to design a future city like this, a place that’s all about new ideas, taking care of the Earth, and fighting pollution. My plan for this city goes beyond just drawings; it’s a big strategy to create a new way of living that’s good for the environment also for all.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

1. Stopping Pollution
We need to stop pollution, and I have a plan. I want everyone to use buses, trains, and electric cars instead of regular cars that make pollution. If we all do this, the air will be cleaner and people will be healthier.

2. Nature Everywhere
I want our streets to be more than just places for cars. Along the roads, there will be trees and benches where people can rest. It will be like a little nature spot in the middle of the city.

3. Beautiful Gardens
Right in the middle of the roads, there will be gardens full of plants and flowers. This will make the city look pretty, and it will also clean the air and make us feel good.

4. Veggie Garden in the Heart
In the center of the city, there will be a big vegetable garden. It won’t just give us fresh food, but also teach us how to grow things and take care of the Earth.

5. No More Mess
We can’t keep throwing garbage everywhere. I want everyone to use less plastic bags and throw their trash in the right places. This will keep the city clean and nice.

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6. Clever Ways with Water
We have to save water, so we’ll use it again and again. There will be special places to clean and reuse water. Also, when it rains, we’ll collect that water to use for other things, so we don’t waste it.

7. Energy from the Sun
The sun can give us energy without making pollution. We’ll put special panels on our buildings and streets to collect sunlight and make electricity. This will make our city bright at night and help us save the planet.

8. Everyone Helps
Making our city better is everyone’s job. We’ll teach people about nature and how to take care of it. If we all work together, our city will be clean, and we’ll all be happy.

9. A Green City Dream
This isn’t just a dream. It’s a plan to make a city that’s nice to live in. We’ll use clean transportation, bring nature into the city, manage waste, and use renewable energy. This way, we’ll show the world how to care for the Earth.

10. A Bright and Clean Tomorrow
In the end, my city won’t just be a cool idea. It will be a real place where people and nature are friends. We’ll use clean cars, have green places to rest, gardens in the streets, and energy from the sun. With all these changes, our city will be a shining example of how to make our planet cleaner and happier.

sandeep Chavan, Gacchivarchi Baug, Gardening consultant and Coach

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