About us…

About: Gacchi Varchi Bagh (garden on the terrace)…

The Gacchi Varchi Bagh literally translated as garden on the terrace, is an organic way to grow vegetables at home. The most appealing thing about this technique is that one can do this in a zero budget, be it in a city or in a village while using the available space, available household resources and the available natural resources.
This method is simple and engages you the most beautiful and satisfying bond with nature. We hope that we are able to reach and inspire more and more people through the social media and form a community to share our insights.

गच्चीवरची बाग बद्दल…
गच्चीवरची बाग म्हणजे शहर, गाव यातील उपलब्ध जागेत, उपलब्ध वस्तूत, उपलब्ध नैसर्गिक स्त्रोतांव्दारे शुन्य खर्चात सेंद्रिय पध्दतीने घरच्या घरी भाजीपाला पिकवणे होय. या विषयी इच्छुकांना सोशल मिडीयाव्दारे मोफत मार्गदर्शन करणे त्यातून इच्छुकांना प्रेरीत करणे. होय.



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