Details of seed | सविस्तर बियाणे ओळख | colorful Vegetable Seeds | Good seeds | मराठी | Part 2/2

भाग २ राः बियाणांबद्दल सविस्तर माहिती : भाजीपाला लागवडीसाठी बियाणांमधील फरक कसा ओळखावा या साठी आम्ही महत्वाचा माहितीपट घेवून आलो आहोत.


  1. Bhajipala Olakh video khoop chhan pan biya plastic packet madhe dakhavlya mule thyachi olakh hovu shakali nahi tari aapan 2-3 biya ughadyavar thevun thychya bajula naav and paan thevun video kadhala tar khoop chhan hoeil …
    Your veg seeds identification is excellent however seeds being in plastic could not be seen properly as most area was getting reflected due to light. I would suggest if you could keep 2-3 seeds of each variety in open and keep its leaves next to it and name tag also and then take video. This will go long way to educate beginners like me !! Thank you so much Sandeepji. Wonderful work !

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