Cocopith V/S Bishcom

Hi Friends

I am Sandeep Chavan from Home Grow Vegetable Services in Nasik. We are also called Gacchivarchi baug, which means Terrace Garden.

I would like to introduce you to a unique product called Bishcom. Bishcom means biomass shredding compost material. You can use it as cocopith. Having done terrace gardening for more than one decade, we found a few difficulties using cocopith.

Essentially coco pith is not manure, but a potting mixer, since it only reduces porosity in limited time and increases water retention in excess of requirements. Basically, every plant is different in how it consumes water. But how are we to judge?

90 % water creates multiple problems when plants are growing, blooming, fruiting, and attracting pesticides, which ultimately leads to plants dying.

Using Bishcom, we are able to overcome all types of plant problems and also create naturally humid environment that plants need. Plants do not consume water directly, they consume moisture.

So we create Bishcom. Bishcom is made from shredded dry leaves and branches.

There are very small pieces in different sizes and it is fermented in cow urine & Jiwamrut & then herbinated. Therefore it can be used by gardeners as potting mix. It is only created by gacchivarchi baug and is available in only Nasik.

Soojl sandeep 9850569644 / 8087475242

thank you for connect.. please join on wts app 9850569644

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