Terrace Garden: Farming 10 % Soil in Nashik

With the rising trend of urbanization, space for gardening and farming is becoming scarce. However, the emergence of terrace gardening has provided a solution to this problem. It has not only made gardening possible but also allowed people to grow plants and crops without the need for soil.

In Nashik, one such innovative venture is the use of “BISHCOM” for terrace gardening. This soil is a blend With BISCHOM materials, instead of cocopeat with  red soil, and cow dunk. It is a rich and nutrient-dense soil that is ideal for growing plants.

Terrace gardening using BISHCOM is gaining popularity in Nashik due to its lots off  benefits. It is a sustainable method of farming that promotes the use of organic materials and minimizes the use of harmful chemicals. It also allows people to grow their own food, which is healthy and cost-effective.

One such example of this terrace garden is located in the around of  tourist point in Nashik city. It is a beautiful space filled with lush green plants and crops such as tomatoes, spinach, fenugreek, and coriander. The terrace garden is well-maintained and is an excellent example of how farming minimum soil is possible.

The process of terrace gardening using BISHCOM  is relatively simple. It requires a few basic tools such as pots, seedlings, and the Bishcom mix. The soil mix is filled into the pots, and the seedlings are then planted. Watering and fertilizing the plants regularly are necessary for their growth.

Terrace gardening using BISHCOM is an excellent initiative towards sustainable farming practices. It promotes the use of organic materials and minimizes the use of chemicals, thereby promoting a healthier environment. It also allows people to grow their own food, which is fresh and free of harmful chemicals.

In conclusion, terrace gardening using Bishcom is an innovative and sustainable method of farming in Nashik. It has numerous benefits and is gaining popularity due to its simplicity and effectiveness. With more people adopting this method of farming, we can create a healthier and greener environment for ourselves and future generations.

BISHCOM is an innovative potting mix that serves as a substitute for COCOPTIH. Its main feature is its lightweight composition, which is derived from dried brown leaves. BISHCOM is actually an acronym that stands for Biomass SHredding Compost Material. It was invented by Sandeep Chavan, who runs a profitable Green Collar business focused on Urban Farming. Sandeep and his family have been pursuing their mission to grow organic for the past 23 years.

sandeep chavan, Gacchivarchi Baug ( Mission on Grow Organic) India.