If you were going to open up a shop, what would you sell?

When I open a shop, I want to sell natural things. I care about the environment and love nature. If I have the opportunity to open a shop in the USA or UK, I will sell organic food and grains that are fresh like they come from farms. I’ll also offer unprocessed foods and milk. I’m interested in selling special seeds for people who want to grow their own kitchen gardens. I’ll have unique and handmade items for sale, not factory-made ones. I’ll also have fresh fruits and healthy wheatgrass juice. Additionally, I plan to sell handwoven products. Actually, I don’t just want to open a shop, I dream of having a large place where I can grow big organic plants. Everything I sell will be organic and not full of unnecessary additives. I want to offer products that are natural and healthy. I hope to provide a wide variety of items from around the world, all in one place.