How often do you walk or run?

Love for Walking

I love walking 

I walk 4 kilometers every day, either in the morning or evening. It’s 2 kilometers one way and 2 kilometers back. Sometimes, I walk both times.

When I walk, I enjoy the fresh air and listen to the birds singing in the morning. I plan my day and come up with new ideas. I have my own rules when I walk, like not wearing shoes. This feels like acupuncture for my feet.

Another rule I follow is trying to finish my walk faster each time. When I reduce my time, I add some extra distance to challenge myself.

If I miss a day of walking, I start over and create a new schedule.

When I’m deep in thought, my feet naturally guide me along the road. I prefer walking on soil because it gives me positive energy, and I do it without shoes.

My body feels rhythmic, and I get good exercise from walking. I also enjoy walking with my child, where we talk about our day and share memorable moments.

I really love walking!

Generate blog article in simple language: I get the morning or evening walk daily 4 km. One side 2 & return 2 k. Occasionally I walk both time .

When I walk I get the fresh air, morning chanting of birds. I am planing of the day & I get the insights of what’s doing new thing today.  When I walk I keep the my own ruls . I always walk without any shoos. My foots plam automatically  get the acupuntre.

2nd rule is i am trying to completing this walk in desire  time. I always reducing the time. As reducing the the time I add some distance  for new achivement. 

If I got any gap or distribance in daily walking rooting. Then I start newly… scheduled.

When I was stuck, or go with verry deeply in thought level .. automatically my foots go to on road. I like walk on soil…  because soil give me positive energy that also I want to walk without footware.

Hence my body is rythymic. Blod servilatoin . get  the exersise. 

Ilike walk. If my child with me… we are discus about bussiness. Or  share with both what happned today.. which one remarkable or make memorable of the day. 

I like walk.


Title: “The Joy of Daily Walking: A Simple Way to Refresh Your Mind and Body”

Do you enjoy taking a walk in the morning or evening? I do, and it has become a wonderful part of my daily routine. I walk a total of 4 kilometers every day, which is 2 kilometers one way and 2 kilometers back. Sometimes, I even go for a second walk later in the day.

Why do I love walking so much? Well, there are several reasons. First of all, when I’m out walking, I get to breathe in the fresh air. There’s something magical about the crisp morning air or the calming evening breeze. I also get to listen to the soothing chants of birds, which is like nature’s own music.

Walking is not just about exercise for me; it’s a time when I plan my day and gather insights about what new things I can do. It’s a chance for me to set my own rules. For instance, I always walk without any shoes. This might sound a bit unusual, but walking barefoot gives my feet a bit of a massage, almost like acupuncture.

One of my rules is to challenge myself. I try to complete my daily walk in less time than before. As I reduce the time, I add some extra distance to my route as an achievement.

Now, life can be unpredictable, and sometimes I miss a day of walking or face interruptions in my daily routine. But I’ve learned that it’s okay to start fresh and create a new schedule whenever needed.

Have you ever been lost in your thoughts so deeply that you start walking automatically? I experience that sometimes. It’s as if my feet know where to go. I especially enjoy walking on soil because it gives me a burst of positive energy. That’s why I often walk without any footwear on.

What’s remarkable is how rhythmic my body feels during these walks. My blood circulation improves, and I get the exercise I need without hitting the gym.

The best part is when my child joins me on these walks. We talk about business or share the highlights of our day. It’s a special time when we bond and create lasting memories together.

In conclusion, I absolutely love walking. It’s not just about covering a distance; it’s a holistic experience that refreshes both my mind and body. So, why not give it a try? You might discover a new appreciation for the simple joy of taking a walk.

Sandeep chavan, Gacchivarch Baug, Grow Organic Consultant n Coach