List 30 things that make you happy.

Hi, every one, I am Sandeep chavan , lets me share my thoughts about wordpress daily prompt before write down 30 things that make me happy. Daily prompt is nice feature for new or beginners and experience writers. I have command on my mother launguage of Marathi. I remembered I wrote lots of article, news paper coloms, books and e books on vegetable gardening. Now present days I am trying to write hindi. Because I want National wide expund my work my Online vegetable gardening course in Hindi. Hindi is our national language. I liked the world bussiness language of English. But from my childhood I have no exposure of English language. So I have enjoying with English language on WordPress threw wrote daily prompt. By the the thanks to wordpress you give me chance the at least one paragraph/ page write in english.

Today daily prompt is make a list 30 things the make me happy. 1) Reels: when I made a gardening related reels with trending songs and if people watch them or recognised by liked. It make me happy. 2) Earn money : January 2023 I started online consultation and coaching bussiness. I talked a lots of efforts for it. If any morning I seen the message of any person make a course member , it’s also make me happy. 3) Top five products : I have Top Five Hot gardening products for cool gardening of any person buy this products , it’s also make me happy. 4) Blog reader: last 7 days I wrote a daily prompt in english and my website / article gots the like or viewer , it’s make me happy…

And it’s 30 things are in my mind which every one make me happy.. here no any limitation for write. But don’t want to bored my daily blog readers . So I stop here… Because short is always sweet. And I like sweet dish. Thanks to read this. Sandeep chavan gacchivarch Baug Nashik Maharashtra India, Urban farming consultant and working