What traditions have you not kept that your parents had?

Hi, every one , today topics is nice, because it’s recalling my past… My parents are liberal, they give me a freedom for love marriage with late Vaishali. They never bother me live a traditional way. They give me freedom for search a own way of live a life. They never bother me completion me a study in school life mainly home work. They give me lot of chances to choose our own way of earning. It’s amazing time with him. That’s why I choose my environmental carrier to change the organic world. Thanks to my parrents. Now I give a chance to my child. I never brother him to study at home ( work) or insist to choose carrier. He share with me lots of things happened in daily school life. He is now 14 year old and he always share a who is like to him specially his crush.. what and which one behaviour is better for us… he always share his thoughts with ne. I am proud of him . And this values came from my parents. Thanks again my parents and Thanks to daily prompt to write on this topics. Sandeep chavan : urban farming consultant and coach

1: *मराठी और हिंदी भाषा में उपलब्ध* 

👆 **इसमे कोर्स डिटेल्स और अंत में इंस्टाग्राम, युट्युब, फेसबुक, कन्टेन्ट ब्लॉक की लिंक है, यहां से आपको तुरंत कोर्स एक्सेस मिल जायेगा**