What profession do you admire most and why?

Hello, I’m Sandeep Chavan from Gacchivrahi Baug. I’m a teacher and helper for organic vegetable gardening. I really enjoy gardening and being close to nature. Nature is amazing and teaches us many things. That’s why I turned my love for gardening into my job. I don’t just like nature, I also work with nature every day.

I believe that what I love and what I do for work are like two sides of the same special coin. Many people nowadays are not very connected to nature. But someday, they might want to learn how to grow plants, food, and how to enjoy nature. That’s where I come in as a coach and helper. I like this job because I can help people with these things.

Right now, many people appreciate me because I give them advice and tips for gardening. They thank me for helping them. That’s why I really like this green profession. It makes me feel happy and satisfied. Sandeep chavan, Gardening Consultant and Coach