Write about a random act of kindness you’ve done for someone.

I always aware and behaviour with kindness with people who were by mistake any act with me. Exam: if any person touch his legs to my leg Or any person push me ahed or any person call wrongly my name. I give a chance to my self to showing kindless. Once upon a time, my neighbour dash my vehicle and I lossed Front part of my vehicle. But that time I purposefully keep quiet… I don’t shout on him or blame him… I remembered he also apologies I give me promised, he will pay compantation of this damages. And after one week he completed his promises.

I always act with kindness with what is purpose of that particular person… He is doing act with by mistake or intesly… I this thought give me power and shape to our personality as any Dimond. sandeep chavan. Gardening consultant and coach