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23 Years Experience of Urban Farming By Sandeep Chavan/ Gacchivarchi Baug. 

Ready To Sow Gardening Bags

Home Grow Vegetables Products For who love to organic & Nature

Annapurna Bags

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Product Name Inventor Specification Ease of Use Overcoming  Pain Points Uniqueness Additional Benefits product Features Target Audience

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Products Name

Annapurna bags : Ready made Gardening Bags

Specialized designed for Vegetables gardening.  Signifies the repetitive production of organic vegetables with minimal effort.

Product Inventor

 Sandeep Chavan (Gardening consultant & coach)

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Annapurna bags were invented by Gacchivarchi baug ,Sandeep Chavan,  (Gardening consultant and coach)

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Product Specification

Specialized containers designed for Vegetable gardening.

Suitable for various gardening spaces such as balconies, terraces, window grills, rooftops. They come in one size.

Ease of Use

One square feet gardening and Place them anywhere.

Convenient gardening solution to grow organic vegetables in just one square foot of space. Placed on any available Places.

Overcoming Pain Points

10% soil, 10% fertilizerand 80% lightweight Bishcom potting mix.

Annapurna bags can directly use these bags for gardening without the need for separate pots.

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Durability, Size, and Details

Reusable- Reproductive Bags, 10 Year durability, standardized size, They are built to withstand various weather conditions and offer longevity.

Built for various weather conditions and longevity.

Excellent water drainage capabilities, preventing waterlogging and ensuring healthy root growth. Provide breathability for optimal plant growth.

Additional Benefits

User Manual and WhatsApp Guidance

Customers receive a construction manual and WhatsApp guidance to assist them in setting up and utilizing Annapurna bags effectively.

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Individuals interested in cultivating their own organic plants

Convenient and sustainable solution for organic gardening, empowering individuals to grow their own fresh and healthy produce.

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