The crisis of climate change is increasing... Humanity is in crisis.

Its primary cause is uncontrolled global development policies and war policies.


Various activities associated with war, such as military exercises, production of weapons, and high-energy consumption in communication systems, contribute to the rapid acceleration of climate change.


Climate change is exacerbated by the emissions of smoke, greenhouse gases, radiation, and other pollutants generated during war.


As a result of war, there is damage to life, water, land, and vegetation, which further exacerbates climate change.


The increasing chemical and nuclear warfare activities due to war also accelerate climate change rapidly.


The production of destructive weapons associated with war requires mining and industrialization, which have adverse effects on land and the environment.


Let's make the Earth a paradise, not a hell.


Stop war!  Because we have only one Earth.

Stop war!  Because we have only one Earth.

Let's save this Earth with small efforts. Connect with nature.