Nature teaches us many important things.

Nature encompasses various qualities and skills that are beneficial for the human race.

Nature cultivates grass, plants, trees, and forests. Nature also prepares fruits, flowers, and food for us.

Nature is a selfless farmer.

Nature is an engineer.

It works like engineering for every single thing, surpassing human imagination.

Nature does not differentiate among living beings. It provides for everyone, regardless of their size or stature, giving what is needed to all.

Nature is an example of motherhood.

Nature is a teacher.

From newborn babies to the last breath of the elderly, nature is filled with wonder, beauty, and enthusiasm.

Nature is a generous giver.

Nature possesses the highest virtue of selfless giving. Without expecting money or personal gain, it simply desires to give.

Nature is highly sensitive and works diligently and peacefully. It continues its work without pause.

Nature is a bountiful mother who is dedicated to the well-being and nourishment of all living beings, from every part of her being.

Nature possesses even more qualities. It holds the answers to all local and global questions of today. Let us unite with nature, give it love, and receive love in return.