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I have a dream about my life, living and about this community. I think that this is the apt time to express my dream to my readers. I say this because on March 31, 2016, a thousand days are completed for the social concept of Gachivarachi Bagh. In the world of discovery when any concept completes thousand days it is considered to be a landmark achievement. Many children, friends, peers, thinkers, social reformers, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, journalists, professors, homemakers, senior citizens have helped in shaping this concept of Gacchi Varchi Bagh. First I would like to thank this society that encouraged me.

While starting this social concept, the issue of livelihood was certainly considered but the question was whether propel would look at it as an entrepreneurial venture at all. Whether it would be looked at as a service they would want to employ. How far would people welcome such an idea.. these were the various questions in mind while beginning this venture. But the doubts seem pointless when I look at them toay in retrospect. And of course, I humbly say, all its credit belongs to the society that took an idea like this into its folds.

My dream about Gacchi Varchi Bagh is as follows ….

Garbage to Garden, my dream is to guide people to grow in their available spaces. I want to use popular social media platforms like facebook, whatsapp to provide people the support they need to sow and grow. I want to inspire more and more people to use sustainable low cost methods to grow their own food using simple scientific techniques which they can easily grasp. This technique Gachi Varchi Bagh is a workable zero budget method using commonly available resources in a household. These methods will also help us engage in recycling waste and one can get into managing organic waste too and keeping our environment garbage free while using it all for the benefit of our scientific gardening technique
Your daily involvement in these simple gardening methods will give you the joy of watch your plants bloom and grow. Besides this pure joy you are also consuming chemical free vegetables grown with your love and care. I hope that I can inspire people to follow this technique and experience the pleasure of eating home-grown healthy food by getting involved in these experiments with growing. Another point of view is that vegetarianism leads to better health and we hope that we are able to lead more and more people towards a vegan lifestyle.

This experience and experiment of growing is closely related to wste management also. When asked too keep their surrounding clean, people will find various excuses, but this method gives you scientific solutions to convert your waste into treasure that will help your garden bloom. Active involvement in these gardening activities also keeps you up and about and this also inturn improves your health and fitness. My dream is to have this concept of Gacchi Varchi Bagh in every household, which will help benefit the people, the environment and society in general.

In the coming days, it is my dream to reach my book Gacchi Varchi Bagh to households so that they can use it as a self-help guide. Alongside I also wish to get people started at growing their own gardens while providing them the necessary support on field. I also want to spread awareness about organic waste management and how it can be done following simple science in zero budget. As a responsible citizen I want to find ways to not only manage my household waste but also do so in and around my locality.

Becoming one with nature by getting involved in an activity like gardening and growing can give us immense peace in this contemporary lifestyle full of stress and strain, and can make our life illness free and full of wellness. In these cities full of cement structures, it is my dream to paint them green with nature, and make life colourful, healthy and fresh while taking people along with me as co-travellers in this beautiful journey. These dreams are deeply interwoven, and the first step will be taken as we grow our very own Gacchi varchi Bagh. I am working towards making this dream come true.. the dream of making a Gacchi varchi Bagh on every terrace and in every balcony of an urban home. Andof course, this will not be possible without your help…

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By Gacchivarchi Baug Nashik

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