Vegetable Gardening Workshop by Grow Organic- Gacchivarchi Baug (in Hindi n Marathi)

Learn to grow your own veggies in the comfort of your home with Gacchivarchi Baug Vegetable Gardening Workshop, available in Hindi n Mararthi. This course covers the basics of gardening, plant protection methods, and composting techniques to help you grow clean and safe green vegetables.

No prior gardening experience is necessary for this course, as it covers everything you need to know about the basics of gardening. You will learn about seed selection, preparing an ideal potting mix, sowing techniques, and plant care and maintenance practices. Additionally, the course will teach you how to identify and prevent pests and disease attacks on your plants with home made pest control.

One of the highlights of the workshop is the composting session, where you will learn how to prepare a nutrient-rich compost from kitchen waste. The course will guide you on what kitchen materials to use, what to avoid, and the ideal steps to create a homemade compost for your plants.

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Led by Sandeep Chavan, an green entrepreneur with 23 years of on-field experience in plant growth,  protection, this workshop has helped over 10000 urban users successfully grow green vegetables at home.

Whether you are a beginner gardening enthusiast or curious about growing your own food, this workshop is perfect for you. So, start your gardening journey today and learn to grow your veggies your way with Gacchivarchi Baug,  Vegetable Gardening Workshop!

Sandeep chavan, mission on Grow organic, by Gacchivarchi Baug, India.

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