I am Feeling proud of this forum  for give a chance to interact with other city farmers.

u can listen my interview …

Agriculture Information connects growers, buyers, and experts.

We are one of the earliest (founded in 2000) agriculture website on the internet. We have more than 300,000 members using this platform.

The information on this website is also available as print magazines in various languages.

Our discussion forums have more than 100,000 individuals threads and posts on thousands of agriculture-related topics.

We conduct online meetings and discussions with successful (and not successful!) agriculture entrepreneurs, farmers and business people. They talk about their experiences. You can also join these meetings from wherever you are and participate in the discussions.

We are one of the most respected, independent agriculture media platform in India today. We are pro-farmer, not funded by any university or corporate with a vested interest. We carry interviews and articles with a wide range of people ranging from actual growers, entrepreneurs, academic experts, professionals and senior political leaders.

Agriculture Information is headed by Kartik Isvarmurti, a graduate of Delhi School of Economics and Oxford University, UK.


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