How would you describe yourself to someone who can’t see you?

Describe myself to someone who can’t see me , this is depend on who is talk with me? What is tone? What is question? Some time I enjoying this process. Generally I have run Facebook and geting led for sale. Got every day new mobile number for new enquiry of my environmental questions or garden and composting related questions. And also geting cold calling from marketing company as lone, credit card. And mostly getting call from machin / lady robot call for bank EmI.

So I call three type of call 1) my bussiness related new call 2) marketing company 3) Robot lady call this all are can’t see me. And enjoying this process I would like to from third type of call 3) machin/ Robot lady call: when I got this type of call they ask me permission to talk with my name… I can’t replay… After some time they said me sorry, I cut the call. Mainly I got the skill how is sound and I guess who is call. 2) marketing company call : when I got this type of call , Frist they can’t hellow or good morning, they are expected Frist respond me to hellow.. and this short time I guess this the company call. They ask me my name I replay with no I am not talking Sandeep chavan… I have new mobile number. I don’t know who is Sandeep chavan. They ask me what is ur name… I replied any name… What where come in my mind .. 1) when I got the new lead mostly I started with hellow. …. Is talking.,when I got the name then I request to them for… Is this time is right for talking… If they say yes .. then I tell my purpose of calling to them… And start conversation related of gardening questions and Queries. This type of calls are important for us because they are our God not coustomer. I would like to replay very carefully to there’s questions..because I want to build trust with them and want to unknown persons convert in sales.

Many times I getting missed call and wrong no. Then I replied both call with politely. that’s are all the my humble behavior with unknown persons and enjoying with company and robot call. Sandeep chavan, gacchivarch Baug Nashik, urban consultant and coach

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